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Ethical code 1.06D states “we do not accept gifts from or give gives to clients because it constitutes as a multiple relationship” (Bailey &Burch, 2016, p. 59)

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Ethical code 1.06D states “we do not accept gifts form or give gifts to clients because it constitutes as multiple relationship” (Bailey & Burch,2016). This has to be one of the most talked about ethical code in the ABA world, as ABA professional it is very important and tricky to make sure to have a line drawn between professionalism and friendship. As a direct therapist when we spend couple of hours day in day out parents start to see as one of them or part of the clan and that’s great that you have been able to build that rapport with the family but at the same time, we can’t forget we are they to provide therapy and follow aba principles in whatever we do. I have had a lot of experiences with gifting, I had parents buy me a customized ink pen

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