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DISCUSSION 3 WEEK 5 types of noise

In the course reading this week there was a focus on ‘noise’ preventing effective communication. Explain the different types of noise introduced and provide workplace scenarios describing situation where the noise could exist.

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Noise is one of the most common barriers that prevents individuals to have an effective communication. Some sources of noise are the following:

Physical conditions: it could be background noises that prevent us to focus on a specific voice for a long period of time; outside activities; or other people talking nearby (Lumen Learning& Bruton, 2020, para 6). A workplace scenario could be the noise of the police, ambulance, or firefighter truck siren blasting on the streets. My office is near a firefight station and for some reason there is a fire at least 5 times per day.

Filtering: it refers to the different perspective the talking and listener have about the conversation, influenced by their own personal life experiences, lifestyle, culture, and languages (Lumen Learning & Bruton, 2020, para 7). One great example is the misunderstandings I keep having with my 60-year-old Indian coworker, who not only I have a hard time understanding because of the language, but also, we have very different ways of seeing and understanding things because of the age gab and cultural influence.

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