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Discussion 5 rape victims

On your campus (you can find this info at, what services are available for rape victims? Do these services seem adequate, given what you have read in this chapter about victim responses to rape? What could be done to improve services? (chapter 15)

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ASU is a well attentive university that cares for their students, staff, faculty, and employees. They are very much aware of the sexual violence on campuses and are attentive in preventing sexual violence. ASU has a webpage called Sexual Violence Prevention and Response with all different resources to accommodate each case and individual. The page is really self explanatory and easy to navigate allowing individuals to understand and pick which response to take. Some women may not want to report their incident because of fear that they may not be believed or fear of it being exposed. ASU offers on campus confidential support such as ASU Counselling, ASU Health services, ASU Victim Advocate, and Employee

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