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Discussion 6-1: Education in America

Please create a thread in this forum in response to the below prompt. Be sure to also check-in and thoughtfully reply to your fellow students’ responses (at least two peer responses are required for full discussion participation).

• What types of schools have you attended? How has your social background affected the amount and quality of your schooling during your lifetime?

• A widespread belief in the US is that schooling is the “great equalizer” that allows people to achieve according to their individual talents and abilities. To what extent is this true?

Explain, and make reference to specific themes and examples from the reading using appropriate APA citations.

Due date: Sunday, April 3 by 11:59PM ET

Last date for late submission with deductions for lateness: Friday, April 8 by 11:59PM ET

*Please note that the “Locked” date listed in the GaVIEW-populated Calendar is the date the Discussion closes for late submissions and not the Due Date as listed plainly above and in the course Syllabus.

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