Discussion board: Grounds

    April 6, 2023

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Last week we covered types of reasoning. This week you have learned the four types of support and tests used to confirm their validity.  To illustrate your understanding of this chapter, please answer any TWO questions below. 


  • Provide an example of cultural knowledge that you believe is reinforced through a ritual. Identify how the ritual reinforces the knowledge.
  • Present a statistic that you think is underreported and explain why you think it is underreported.
  • Explain why “phone-in polls” are generally considered scientifically invalid statistics.
  • Explain why “reluctant testimony” is generally considered the best type of testimony.
  • Define both the materialistic myth and the moralistic myth of the American Dream. Then explain how they can come into conflict.
  • Hollihan and Baaske identify five tests to determine if the source of testimony is credible. Present and define all five tests.

Submission Format

Please reply to this discussion board. 

Criteria for Success

For full credit on this assignment, please choose two questions and write a 100-minimum word response for each. You will also need to reply to two of your peers either providing feedback, clarification (if needed), or an additional example to their response. (50-word minimum) 

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