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Discussion Board PostWeek-6

Describe what executive powers were exercised, what proclamations and resources were needed as governors responded simultaneously to the following events: The Coronavirus Pandemic, the associated Economic Crisis, Racial Justice Protests, Police Reform, Social Equity, Wildfires, Census counts, Use of Mail in Ballots and Record turnouts during the 2020 Presidential election. Integrate faith, ethical and moral worldviews and discuss the implication of these events on the citizenry.

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Each state authorizes the governor to declare a state of emergency in times of war, illness, or other exceptional circumstances. When an emergency is declared, the presidential authority will extend to a close. These powers include the right to suspension or effectively establish new legislation – albeit temporarily and only when required to resolve emergencies – usually reserved for legislators. While governors must respond rapidly to emergencies, legislators have an essential role in ensuring that these powers are not exploited and that their division of powers, necessary to our democratic government system, is not undermined. Legislatures perform various kinds of controls on the emergency authorities of State executives in different ways between States, and

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