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Discussion cosmetic procedures

Should penile/breast augmentation, vaginal rejuvenation, and other such cosmetic procedures be covered by insurance companies? Do individuals have a right to pursue genital surgeries for which the benefits may be unclear?

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In my opinion, this is a tough yes or no answer. I don’t have a strong yes or no answer as I can see reasons on both sides. The “no” reasons for me would be the cost of insurance. If cosmetic surgeries are covered under medical insurance, does that mean rates will go up and if so, how much? If the increase is going to be over 7-10 thousand then there is no difference between going through insurance and walking into a cosmetic surgeon’s office and getting a breast augmentation. If the insurance goes up significantly, is it fair to the people who don’t plan on ever having cosmetic surgery? And would the rate increase be across the board or higher for some sex/gender than others? Would the insurance cover a decent portion and would there be a high deductible? I think these all

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