Discussion for Chapter 2: The Foundations of Arguments 

    April 6, 2023


This week we focused on the role stories have in the argumentation process. We also examined Walter Fisher’s Narrative Paradigm in testing the rationality of stories/arguments. To further assess the application of these conceptions, please complete the discussion assignment below.


Take a moment to review the following questions:

  • Explain the interpersonal consequences of being perceived as someone who argues over trivial matters.
  • Explain and illustrate why Hollihan and Baaske argue that one may not wish to argue with a fully committed ideologue.
  • Hollihan and Baaske contend that  “patriotic stories that on the surface seem so positive to the formation of values of a political culture may have negative consequences.” What do they mean by this? Use the stories of the birth of the American nation to support and illustrate your explanation.
  • According the Fisher, ordinary people who are untrained in argumentation techniques are just as capable of resolving complex problems as are those trained in argumentation. Explain why Fisher reaches this conclusion.

Submission Format

Please reply to this discussion board. 

Criteria for Success

For full credit on this assignment, please choose two questions and write a 100-minimum word response for each. You will also need to reply to two of your peers either providing feedback, clarification (if needed), or an additional example to their response. (50-word minimum) 

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