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Discussion Forum 2

The mission of policing was described by the author as covering 6 key areas: enforcing the law, apprehending offenders, preventing crime, predicting crime, preserving the peace, and providing services. With the advent of various forms of terrorism and transnational crime, the police mission has expanded beyond the traditional borders of burglaries and domestic disputes.

Beginning with the material conveyed in the assigned reading and presentation, select 2 scholarly articles from the university criminal justice databases, and integrate those resources to discuss the use of intelligence-led policing (ILP) and the development of fusion centers to equip law enforcement for their expanded mission. Finally, integrate within your discussion the impact of a Judeo-Christian viewpoint on ILP and the development of fusion centers.

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Intelligence-led policing (ILP) is a topic that causes many debates within American society. According to the class reading, ILP is defined as a process that examines information gathered from different sources, incorporates pertinent information into cohesive packages, and generates a conclusion regarding criminal phenomena (Schmalleger, 2017). Furthermore, ILP is a combined effort that generates solid guidance to law enforcement regarding diverse complexities surrounding the field of the criminal system. It is important to understand that there are two different types of intelligence including tactical and strategic. Tactical intelligence refers to the gaining of information that will lead to the apprehension of an offender. On the other hand, strategic intelligence refers to information provided to decision-makers.

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