Discussion Post wk 4

    November 14, 2022


Ethics in Disaster Management

Consider your readings for this week and your own experiences as you answer the following question.

How can ethics in disasters be encouraged? 

Discuss both responders and victims while answering the question.

Post an initial 200 word response by Day 4 (Thursday) 

Developing a Culture of Preparedness

Throughout this course you have read through several policy actions (strategies, laws, executive actions, administrative regulations) that have spoken to the need for resilience and building a culture of preparedness.

Is written  policy alone sufficient to build and sustain resilience in our homeland security and emergency management efforts? 

How do leaders and managers in  organizations create  the necessary mechanisms and motivation to drive a culture of preparedness?

Provide some examples from  actual organizational efforts to develop and sustain this culture.

Post an initial 200 word response by Day 4 (Thursday) 

Remember! this is just a sample and could have been submitted by another

Comparative Textbook Analysis

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