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Discussion posts 1 and 2

Based on the text and the articles, select an organization’s social media venues (e.g., the organization’s web site, Facebook page, Twitter feed, or LinkedIn) and answer the following: Use specific examples from the selected organization’s social media venues. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts. Organization : Forbes –How does a public relations professional get the most from a blog?

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Blogs are a wonderful tool and, when used correctly, can substantially grow business and personal credibility. “For instance, blogs can drive traffic to your main website or to your office, generating new business leads”(Dierschke, 2008).However, with blogs numbering nearly 200 million, generating a regular audience may not be an easy task. Luckily, there is an abundance of information available to the professional on how to extract the most benefit from a blog. Let’s discuss some of these strategies :

1.)Link your business website to blog posts as well as on the blog site itself. Using hypertext to guide readers to your main website is a good way to generate business and share information. Forbes contributors are paid to mention and link Forbes sites in there personal blogs (Dierschke, 2011)

2.)Allow advertisements of related products/pages with an agreement of monetary compensation for traffic or purchases made from your blog – On Forbes blogs, you will see advertisements, such as “Whitman Syracuse University, displayed at many points on the page.

3.)Invite contributors or guests on your blog. If you have seen the show Pawn Starson The History channel, you know that part of the show is dedicated to the owners calling in experts to lookover potentially valuable items and evaluate there worth. These experts are people with much experience in there chosen field, whether it be guns, toys, or signatures, and who have a credible authority in that field. People like knew and different perspectives, especially when given from someone with experience. Forbes does this with it’s contributors. They list authors names and information, so you can see how credible the source is. Forbes maintains many contributors, such as Susannah Breslin, author of 711 blog posts on Forbes, including, “How to Become a Forbes Blogger”(2011).

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