Discussion response approx 180 words APA

    October 10, 2022

To be one of the best organizations the mission statement and values set forth by that organization must show respect and overall care for the employees representing such. Organizations like ones we work for have a duty to provide the highest of quality care for patients while maintaining safety. In order to perform at these levels it starts with great communication methods.  As many know communication is a crucial element at the forefront of all successful businesses.  At times the downfalls of organizations stem from unhealthy communication lines. Many organizations lack healthy work environments due to communication breakdown (Laureate Education, 2018). Individuals must know how to communicate thoroughly and effectively. 
 A healthy working environment is essential to overall staff and patient satisfaction. When staffs are being treated fairly and under the right conditions results are felt through patient satisfaction surveys and such.  Within organizations the culture is created with an attempt to amplify the healing and health of the populations serviced (Marshall  

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