Discussion week 2 quality

The discussion this week deals with quality, its definition, and an example from our previous and/or current jobs.

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I think that quality can be defined, in business, as a product or service that is fit for that purpose and offers value for the price. Some would prefer to spend more on a product or service they trust to be good quality as opposed to risking it on a less expensive option or they demonstrate brand loyalty rather than shop around and try other options. “Any business that can’t manage the quality of its processes and products tends to fall apart. Quality is critical to sales, cost control, productivity, risk management and compliance”[Mar13]. A customer would list requirements for quality that include longevity, needs fulfillment, cost vs. need, security, usability, and efficiency. “Companies that fulfill this list often experience a multitude of benefits, but first they have to put in the effort”[Alt16]. Having a good quality product or service can be advantageous against the competition, while meeting customer expectations and maintaining customer loyalty. It also has

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