Discussions Week 4 Network Analyzers

Do you know about AirMagnet, AiroPeet, LinkFerret, and other Wireless Network Analyzers? Discuss which one you would recommend when performing a site survey.

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AiroPeekNX is an interesting tool for wireless LAN security audits. This tool can help audit vulnerabilities and help secure the network. It has a pre determined algorithm setup for 13 different vulnerabilities to search for. It lets you analyze the packets that are associated with the event which lets you know what happened. This can allow for the security holes to be taken care of and then re run the audit a second time to make sure the problem has been dealt with. For example neighboring access points will be detected that belong to another network. A SSID with the default setting could be found as a security issue as well. Airpeek allows the user to expose the vulnerabilities on their own network instead of waiting for an intruder to exploit them and trying to chase down more problems after they have already gotten in. This is good for preventative maintainence.

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