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DQ 1, WEEK ONE (due Day 2, Wednesday)

How might transference and counter-transference issues manifest themselves in your work with participants? How about unconscious defenses?

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A client’s hatred, mistrust, sexual feelings, or other emotions for someone else either in their present or past of his or her life can be subconsciously transposed onto the clinician. It could be brought on by different things. A small similarity the client sees in the clinician to someone else, due to the clinician being an authority figure, or unresolved feelings towards another person or situation are all causes for a client to transpose his or her feeling onto the clinician. Too often clinicians get too emotional and even physically involved in the client’s transference. This transference can sometimes often become confusing for both the clinician and client and go beyond the boundaries of clinician and client relationship. The clinician must be sure not to allow the client’s transference to interfere with the ability to help the client obtain his or her goals. The clinician must learn to redirect the client’s feelings, desires, and emotions, and help the client recognize or understand why and where these are coming from. Sometimes this is both hard for the clinician and client due to both or one being in denial and lacking the insight into themselves and their personal issues of their life

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