During the reign of Henry VIII in the 16th century in Ireland the control by military grew larger and stronger.

    November 2, 2022

Following the conflict analysis tree we must understand the root cause of the conflict first. During the reign of Henry VIII in the 16th century in Ireland the control by military grew larger and stronger. The northern providence of Ulster was fairly independent while Ireland went into chaos and war. The plantation begun 1610 introducing English and Scottish settlers representing their language and cultures. Though in 1642 rebellion began. The plantation settlers sought freedom of worship towards the Catholic landowners. The English civil war began, where the Catholics were backing against parliament. Thousands of Protestants killed during this time. Conflict did then arise when Cromwell went to Ireland in hope of helping the Catholics as they were minority. Cromwells methods were very harsh and led to a huge massacre of Driogheda and Wexford. Though he tried defending his actions as “Godly Vengeance” for the earlier Catholic massacres. Charles II  lost civil war and the Catholics sought the English thrown, where as James II  became king in 1685. Until William defeat James in the “battle of the boyne” in 1690. The English thrown continued parliaments consolidation ruling English government. In the effect portion of the tree, in 1695, Penal laws came against Catholics in order to restrict their political and military potential and usage. Organizations such as Ribbonmen, Whiteboys, and the Defenders, going against rent rises and enclosures, growing competition over land. Resulting in rural riots and conflict with the Catholics. Police harassment and discrimination grew within the area, refusing Catholics of rights and political power.  After Britains new labour government, good was to come. In the 1950s catholic children were given benefits in higher education which was never offered before, this further growing opportunities for Catholics.

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