ECD 310 week 2 discussion 1

Explain how the ideas of critically reflective practitioner, collaborative teaming, and communication strategies align with the two strategies you are discussing.

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A couple of the most important things an educator can do is build relationships and trust with their students. It’s also very important to have a healthy relationship with parents and other teachers on campus. When a child in your classroom trusts you, it has more of a positive effect on their academic career. They will gain some confidence and want to do better and try hard to please you. Collaborative teaching between parents and the teacher will also benefit the child. A child and teacher can only do so much during the school day, parents need to step up and help their child at home if they want them to succeed. An open line of communication between the parents and teacher can make all the difference for a struggling child. If a parent knows exactly what their child is struggling with, they can help support them at home and work with them. That double dose of help can really impact a child’s education.

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