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ECE 332 Week 4 Discussion 1

What do you think influenced the children in each video?

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With the video “Free to Be, You and Me-ladies first”, I would like to say first, I believe that women are equal as men we can do everything a man can do. But I don’t believe that women are over men or come first. This video shows that all the boys had to do everything the girl wanted them to do. I believe in holding a door open but for both sexes, I believe that a man or woman can open the car door for their wife or husband and so on. But it’s not a one side show in the real world. I also don’t believe that any man or woman should have control over the opposite sex. No one should be made to marry someone just because their mom or dad wants it to be that way. We all are free to be who we are and not let someone hold us down from being are self. I would have to say that the father was the influence in the little girl’s life in this video.

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