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ECE 353 Week 3 – Discussion 1

Explain which theories of conceptual development are present in the case study. Provide an example to support your thinking.

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Young children often have difficulty characterizing thing as living or nonliving. For example, they tend to describe anything that moves as alive. They also do not yet understand the cycle of life. Over time, children being to know they are two different “things”. It is common for kindergartners to use conceptual development to figure things out. After re-reading the case study, there are a few concept theories that are present: classical view and prototype. Classical view is based on the idea, that all examples of one category have something in common, some fundamental characteristics that makes them belong to certain category (Farrar & Montgomery, 2015).

In the case study, Yao was able to distinguish that the bug was living and Stephen was able to distinguish that the rock was nonliving. the living and nonliving things concepts take form and gain new meanings as children develop, learn and their interaction with their surroundings increases. Therefore, they understand the basic difference between living and non-living things, but they cannot tell you why. According to Siegler, DeLoache & Eisenberg,(2003), “it’s difficult to assess children’s knowledge of living and nonliving things until the age of 3 or 4 years, when they can comprehend and answer question about these categories” (pg. 271). Another theory that was present in the case study is prototype. “Prototype is defined as the best example of a

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