ECE 355 Week 1 Discussion 1

Explain how your understanding of parenting that you shared in your introduction post does or does not align with the ideas shared in the article. Discuss at least two ideas that were shared in the article that were surprising to you about how parenting has changed.

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My answer was parenting is not easy but worth it. It totally aligns with the ideas from the article. Parents have a lot of obstacles in our world today especially when both parents are working outside the home.

According to our reading parents have a hard time with balancing work and quality time. Now that there is a major rise in both parents working outside the home parents can struggle with quality time. It is common for a child’s day to start off at 6am so they can be dropped off at childcare before the parents have to go to work for the day and child will often remain there until6pm that evening. You get home about 6:30 and need to figure out what’s for dinner and then it’s time to get your child ready for bed at a decent hour. It can be a real struggle to find quality time

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