ECE 355 Week 4 Discussion 1

Explain two challenges that working families face. Discuss how these challenges can impact a child’s behavior.

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There are several challenges that working families may face. Two challenges there were mentioned in the course text are maintaining financial stability and childcare options.

In a home of 4 people, $48,778 is needed a year just to have some of the basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter. “In the United States, 30% of American families have an income below this level and struggle to maintain financial stability” (Wardle & Fitzpatrick, 2016). With childcare being so expensive, at least 50% of it is provided by relatives and the remaining 50% is provided by daycares, nurseries, preschools, and head starts (Wardle & Fitzpatrick 7.2). These two challenges alone can impact a child’s behavior significantly. The children may be placed in childcare that is not up to par because the family can not afford better childcare which can affect the child’s mental and physical development. The parents along with the children suffer from

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