ECE311 Week 1 Discussion 1

Which approach most closely matches your own teaching philosophy? How would I address a new teaching position that requires a curriculum that differs from my teaching philosophies?

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The first edition of Creative Curriculum grew out of Diane Trister-Dodge’s efforts to convert the time-tested principles of traditional preschool into guidelines and detailed suggestions for effectively positioning environments to encourage play, interactions, and learning (Jaruszewicz, 2012). Dodge’s belief that learning environments affect children’s behaviors as well as their developmental and learning process (Dodge & Colker, 1992). Out of all of the other models and approaches, I found creative curriculum to best fit my own teaching philosophy. I have a strong belief that children learn best when teachers are incorporating lesson plans into ideas that their students are interested in.

Creative curriculum allows for children to learn this way and have fun with their own ideas. It creates a hands-on learning environment that is organized into ten interest areas. These areas are set up to support social, emotional, cognitive, language, and physical development. Children absorb and learn information when they are experiencing it for themselves. Creative curriculum profoundly lures from the theories that have been developed by Dewey, Piaget, Vygotsky, and Bronfenbrenner. What I enjoy about this approach is that it means making positive relationships with the students, and the parents, to provide social and emotional competence for learning success. I believe that parents and teachers need to be on the same track and communicate about the academic goals of the children.

Starting a job at a new school is scary enough and having to change your approach to teaching would just add to my nerves. However, in order to be a successful teacher, you need to take what skills you have and build with new ideas and ways. So, if I was asked to implement a different teaching philosophy, from my own, I would need to start researching the school’s methods. I would reach out to other

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