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ECE332 Week 3 Discussions

After reading about early language development in Chapter 5 of your text, describe a learning center that would promote early language development. Your description must include the learning objective of the center, the materials provided, and step-by-step instructions for implementation of the activity. Make sure to include the specific areas of language that the center targets, the approach you will be using to introduce this center, and methods for assessing student’s development.

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After reading chapter 5, I have gained a great amount of information that will help me to successfully promote early language development. One thing that really stuck out to me is how children can communicate without actually talking to get their point across. A part of cognitive development includes activities related to gazing and pointing, which are referred to as gestures. “Despite its tremendous power, language is not always essential for communication (the transmission of messages)—as an infant jumping up and down and shrieking, or a dog growling, clearly demonstrate. Language is the use of arbitrary sounds (or, in some cases, gestures, as in American Sign Language(ASL)), in purposeful ways to convey different meanings.

Infants’ first communication system is not a language so much as a system of gestures and sounds. To master a language, infants needs to learn not only how to produce sounds and gestures, but also how to take turns, and how to discriminate sounds.” Another point that really stuck out to me, that is actually quite obvious is how language development highly hooked on other speakers that talk to the child. Children often pick up and imitate phrases that are often spoken to the child. “Another explanation views language acquisition as the end result of a learning process highly dependent on interaction with other speakers. This explanation sees language as something that emerges gradually and is labelled emergentism (MacWhinney, 1998). Emergent explanations are often based on the principles of reinforcement in

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