ECE347-W3-Discussion 1

Develop a learning activity that supports the involvement of fathers in the childcare setting. The activity can take place before, during, or after normal childcare hours.

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In the beginning of the school year teachers usually send out notices on teachers and child’s expectations, questionnaires to learn more about parents and child and calendars with special events. This is a good time to encourage father’s involvement in and out of the classroom. At home fathers can read with their children or help with homework. In the classroom fathers can volunteer. I will like to encourage fathers to come be a Classroom Dad for the day or a couple of hours. Classroom dads can help around during centers, circle time, and/or outdoor play. For those fathers that cannot be classroom dads I will have events that is focused on fathers. For instance, once a month I will plan a breakfast for fathers and their children. It will be held on a Saturday so many can attend.

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