ECE354wk3dq1 Role of Screeners

Explain the relationship between observations and screeners in the assessment of young children. Include at least two specific examples of how they are connected. Discuss how the information shared in the video does or does not align with the screening process shared in the case study in the introduction section of Chapter 5 of the course text. Include at least two specific examples to support your thinking.

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Observations and screeners relationship in the assessment of young children is identifying behaviors with appropriate tools with taking notes. Observations use certain measures and tools with taking notes on behaviors through activities and observations. The screener can make a decision on appropriate interventions from the teacher’s notes and proper evaluations. Understanding these two terms helps teachers to become better informed while making appropriate decisions with children strengths and abilities.

The information shared in the video does align with the screening process shared in the case study of chapter 5, since them both follow the same process. They both take notes and observe the children in play and watch the behavior patterns that are revealed informally. Play stretches the vocabulary and expands language development by providing opportunities to use new words, converse with playmates, listen to another’s language and point of view, and hear and subsequently use new syntax (parts of speech) (Changing Minds, 2011). The teachers then meet and communicate their findings to get more in depth understandings from educated opinions, to support the children and see if milestones are on target. Next, the parents are notified to meet for showing their Childs development where the needs are. The video shows the mother meeting with the teacher to identify what needs to be adjusted at home or change is needed. After the

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