ECE355 Week 1 Discussion 1

Describe at least two ways that you think parenting has changed in the last 25 years. Explain how your understanding of parenting that you shared in your introduction post does or does not align with the ideas shared in the article.

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The two ways that parenting have changed over the last 25 years is that today we find that we find that the age of females that are becoming pregnant is becoming very young, as young as 13 years of age. Secondly, I feel that there are more single parents today than twenty-five years ago. Also, we find that the men are more willing to be single parent fathers.

For my introduction I denoted my aspects of parenting from a spiritual aspect. I felt that parenting is one of the most precious gifts that we could receive. I also indicated that as parents that we have the responsibility to teach our children how to grow and become responsible adults and an asset to society. Although I didn’t go into depth of what a parent, I concur with what I read in the article that the main goal is to instill character and morals within our children.

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