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ECO 561 Week 5, DQ 1 Tools

What new measures and tools has the Federal Reserve employed in the past 2 years that have not been employed in the past 2 decades?

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The Federal Reserve has employed new measures and tools within the last two years. During those two years the new tools and measures have been implemented to benefit the economy and hope for positive changes. In September of 2009, the Federal Reserve amended Regulation Z which is truth in lending, which protects credit card users. The rules proposed for amending the current regulation was set forth to protect the credit card users from increase in interest rates. It also prohibits creditors from supplying credit cards to underage people, prohibits two cycle billing, requires creditors to obtain consumers consent for charging fees on transactions exceeding credit limit, and more. The Federal Reserve also developed a tool to increase liquidity without printing money. This will allow any financial institution to access federal dollars on an anonymous basis, which is the Term Auction Facility (TAF). All institutions that are eligible to borrow under the primary credit program will be eligible to participate in TAF auctions. All advances must be fully collateralized.

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