ECO312 week 4 discussion 1

Discuss how educators can positively influence a school-age child to not hold biases or prejudices against others. Give an example of how a teacher can create a community of learners who support one another by fostering positive attitudes. Give an example of how an educator could teach his or her students the importance of acceptance.

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Yes educators can positively influence any school-aged child to not hold a biases or prejudices against others. They can do this by talking to their students and show them different studies and backgrounds of an individual so they will understand what the other kids are going through and their different beliefs. Haven a group discussion about the importance of accepting one another’s ethic groups and cultures.

The kids would learn that are classroom is a family we all work together as one. I would tell the kids that we all have feelings no matter are skin color, and that we are all the same in the inside. I would tell them that yes we have different skin colors, but we all have different things we are scared of or like.

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