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Topic: Economics, About Inflation in the United States and methods of reducing its effect. 500 words minimum each. But NOT TO EXCEED 600 words—will not receive credit if over word cap. These will be ‘pre-essays’ in some ways, requiring a draft thesis, summary body paragraph, and draft Introduction paragraph (all to be covered in course materials) and at least five scholarly sources from your own research and/or prior peer suggestions, listed alphabetically by author last name, according to a formal references format you selected on prior assignment. You will indicate which you employ (APA, MLA, etc.) and will lose a full point at this stage for any mistakes on that References list formatting. Reference list does not count toward word count. But you will not write predictive/planning statements about what more you would say in expanded version or what you plan to write besides standard Introduction essay mapping content-this is NOT an outline or true ‘draft’ assignment. Taking up word count with that sort of unfinished content = no credit. Late submission = you cannot pass the class, as these comprise core work product for collaborative development.

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