EDU 367 Week 2 Discussion 2

The success of a media program depends on a number of things but the ambiance of the facility sets the stage. Watch the above video Scenes from the Unquiet Library: Four Classes Researching, Learning, and Collaborating, and analyze how the facility is arranged to promote critical thinking, equity, learning, curiosity and intellectual freedom. How does the design facilitate unquiet learning? What areas could be improved?

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How does the design facilitate unquiet learning? The design is laid out in a way that the space is for the students to lounge, reflect, and just socialize. Students have desktop computers and a variety of furniture that can accommodate over 70 students. Food and drinks are allowed; in fact, two teachers host a coffee shop there every morning. The space also accommodates a variety of encounters such as trivia contests, musical performances, poetry readings, art exhibits, and gaming.

What areas could be improved? I honestly think that the setting is fine for group studying and nothing need to be improved.

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