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EDU 367 Week 4 Discussion 2

What are the main responsibilities? What are the skill-sets required for each of these roles? Which role do you like best and why? Examine your own strengths and weaknesses in regard to each of these roles.

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Educator LibrarianIn order to become a librarian you must possess a Master’s Degree in Library Science and a teaching certificate. A librarian must have a passion for the materials obtained within the library and the community that they serve. Having a understanding and knowledge of the process it takes to search the databases for research and reference. A school librarian teaches students how to use the library to research, books articles and archives. They will also help both students and teachers find resources to use for class lessons, homework and activities. Librarians need to be skillful with diverse collections, and are up to date with today’s technology. I have the skills and experience to become a

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