EDU 381 Week 2 Discussion 2

How do the reading standards at this level support the development of critical reading and thinking skills? Give at least one example.

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The CCSS for kindergarten reading does help essential thinking skills and reading skills for a child’s learning level. An example would be CCSS ELA-LETERACY.REK1A requires educators to teach the students to learn to read from left to right, page by page, and from the top to the bottom and one page at a time. This is the way the children are taught to read in English to make sense of the material being read. Looking at the CCSS in reading, I decided to examine the Kindergarten core standards. At this degree of reading, most kids are trying to figure out how to sound out words and understand the content of what is being read to them. CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RF.K.1B requires helping children to recognize that spoken words are represented inwritten language by specific sequences of letters. CCSS.EL LITERACY.RF.K.1.

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