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EDU 381 Week 4 Discussion 1

Help Ingrid to understand how the district’s CFA can assist her instructional efforts. Given her current second-quarter goals, offer one suggestion for an appropriate formative assessment strategy in Language Arts and in Math.

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I have noted that you are stressing over the appraisals for the children in your class and how they will mirror your teaching and how you are going to successfully instruct your students so much information. If you teach each unit one at a time and test the children after each unit and not test several units at once using a formative assessment like the exit ticket, you will accumulate more data from their answers that will show you what they have learned and what they need to learn. Applying this information to your learning technique, you can set up your lessons for the kids dependent on what they still need to learn. It is said that “by surveying the reactions on the exit

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