Emerging Trends to Improve Quality of Life

    November 5, 2022

Emerging Trends to Improve Quality of Life
As we enter our last discussion together, remember to engage with what others are posting, rather than focusing on doing a mini-paper all of your own.  We will go through the questions one at a time, moving on to the next question once we have fully explore the current question.
The first question in this discussion is opinion and/or experience-based, so jump right into the discussion immediately. For subsequent questions please meaningfully integrate your course materials into your conversation.
First, let’s do something a little bit different for our final opinion-based question. You have focused on a chronic illness of interest to you over this term. Based on what you learned through doing your papers and resouce sharing, share with us one of the most promising trends for the future of this chronic condition. You might look at an emerging treatment, technology, genetic research, apps that might hold promise, etc…
Now, let’s apply this week’s assigned materials to the rest of the questions.
You saw from the assigned Rudd Center video that not all interventions will be well-received by everyone. Thinking about what you and others have shared about promising trends, are there potential barriers to full participation from certain groups. Why do you think this is so, and what can we do? Consider behavioral, genetic, stigma, environmental and economic/financial influences in your conversation.
Look for commonalities among the trends as the week progresses. Talk about what this may mean for the future of persons living with chronic illness, their loved ones, health and wellness providers, schools and workplaces, and the communities in which we live.
DQ2   Wrapping Up: Reflections on Chronic Illness
We have covered a lot of ground this past eight weeks. I welcome your thoughts about this course as we wrap up.  I am very open to feedback and use it to improve the experiences of students taking this course.
What were the most important take-away lesson(s) from this course for you? Why are these important?
Something about this course initially caught your attention enough to lead you to register for it. How did your experience match-up against your expectations and goals for this course? If you have any recommendation for additions or changes, I would like to hear these, as well!

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