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Endemic means that a disease: a. Occurs clearly in excess of normal expectancy b. Is habitually present in human popul

Home>Nursing homework help  QuestionQuestion 1Endemic means that a disease:a. Occurs clearly in excess of normal expectancyb. Is habitually present in human populationsc. Affects a large number of countries simultaneouslyd. Exhibits a seasonal patterne. Is prevalent among animalsQuestion 2The first table shows the total number of persons who eat each of two specified food items that were possibly ifeffective with group A streptococci. The second table shows the number of sick persons (with acute sore throat) who eat each of the various specified combinations of the food items.   Total number of persons who ate each   specified combination of food items Ate   TunaDid   not Ate Tuna Ate   egg salad75100 Did   not egg salad20050  Total   number of persons who ate each specified combination of food items

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