ENG328 – Week 3 – Discussion

Review one online technical document related to your Final Project– Telecommuting Recommendation Report: The Top 10 Employer Cybersecurity Concerns for Employees Regarding Remote Work (, March 26, 2020). Search the Internet for an example of a website that is well designed and one that is poorly designed. Provide the links to each site.

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Security Magazine is an online website that is partnered with other security companies like International Security Conference East/West, RSA Security Conference, International Security Industry Organization, and several other prominent companies that work within the field of cybersecurity. The website is designed to provide pertinent information regarding cyber security like current trends, technologies, cyber tactics, resources and leadership in the enterprise to professionals in the IT security field. The website does have some advertisements for cybersecurity related applications and companies, but mainly focuses on articles that are written for the site. Security Magazine does allow content that is submitted by enterprise security executives and must follow certain guidelines, like tips on breaking news, article ideas and leads, or editorials where security executives talk about how they and their team(s) overcame security related issues.

The article titled ‘The Top 10 Employer Cybersecurity Concerns for Employees Regarding Remote Work’() discusses the common security issues that employees have while working remotely, like phishing, using personal hardware instead of company hardware with security installed, social engineering and using open Wi-Fi networks when travelling. The article is organized by classifications using the problem-method-solution format (Markel, 2017). Each of the 10 topics/concerns are first described by the authors who states the threat/obstacle employees face (problem). The next step is to describe the damage that the threat can cause to both the user and the company (method), and finally the author’s present a solution as to how the company or employee can mitigate the threat (solution).

The site I chose that is well designed is CSO Online (), which is an online newspaper for enterprise-level security decision makers. The site uses a simple white background so that the reader can easily see the text. The site is designed so that the main topics are listed along the top horizontally using white lettering on a black background so that the reader can easily find the links to additional information, events, newsletters, resource library and community. The search function is located to the right of these and is easily identified. Graphics are used to the left of the article titles but are not so large that they overwhelm the title of the article, which is in a larger, easy to read font. Articles are cascaded so there is a natural flow from the top to the bottom of each page. Advertisements are kept to a

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