Environmental and Genetic Factors That Influence Health

    October 10, 2022

Environmental and Genetic Factors That Influence Health

In Le Roy, New York, in 2011, a mysterious medical condition emerged: Several teenage girls suddenly began to exhibit symptoms similar to those of Tourette’s Syndrome, including involuntary twitches, movements, and sounds. Soon after, the number of individuals experiencing comparable symptoms increased. As media attention toward the situation grew, questions and concerns intensified about the origin of this condition. Did an environmental exposure trigger this? Was it the result of an infectious disease? If so, why were some people in the region affected and not others? In other words, could genetic factors play a role in this?
This week, you have been exploring a number of environmental and genetic factors that influence population health. Understanding how environmental and genetic factors influence populations will support your work as an advanced practice nurse. Therefore, for this Discussion, you will investigate the relationship between an environmental agent or genetic factor and a population health problem. You will also give attention to health disparities that may arise within a population because of environment or genetics.
To prepare:

Review      the Learning Resources and select one environmental agent or one genetic      factor and an associated population health problem. For example, you might      consider lead paint and its effect on children, air pollution and its      effect on individuals with asthma, genetic associations of various      cancers, etc.
Conduct      additional research using the Walden Library and credible websites,      reviewing the literature on your selected health problem and the relevant      environmental agent or genetic factor.
Explore      health data resources and determine morbidity, mortality, incidence,      prevalence, exposures, and costs to society as they relate to your chosen      environmental agent or genetic factor.
How      might your chosen environmental or genetic factor result in health      disparities in populations?

By tomorrow 03/272018 3pm, write a minimum of 550 words in APA format with at least 3 scholarly references from the list of required readings below. Include the level one headings as numbered below‚ÄĚ
Post a cohesive scholarly response that addresses the following:

1) Identify the environmental agent or genetic factor that you selected and the population health problem with which it is associated.

2) Evaluate the significance of the health risk resulting from your selected environmental agent or genetic factor, discussing such aspects as morbidity, mortality, incidence, prevalence, exposures, and costs to society. Support your response with references and data.

3) How might the environmental or genetic factor you identified result in health disparities in populations?

Required Readings

Friis, R. H.,

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