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EPSE 320 Discussion 3

Of all the technologies you have seen briefly comment on the one that you think would have the biggest impact on inclusion in and beyond the classroom (one each for blind and low vision).Provide a rationale for your comments. Feel free to agree or disagree with your classmates.

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Of all the technologies we’ve seen, I think the portable electronic magnifier would have the biggest impact on inclusion in and beyond the classroom for an individual who has low vision. First, it’s autofocus, adjustable magnification and customizable colour combinations, contrast and brightness allow more usability across different settings: in-class and outside of school situations. Compared to optical magnifiers, you wouldn’t need a separate and heavier optical magnifier for higher magnifications. Instead, these features maximize visual access when looking at several distances. Therefore, an individual with low vision can use it in the classroom to look at a workbook and at a

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