Essay (in lieu of Final)

    June 16, 2023

Essay question:

  • Explain the issues of teen pregnancy and human trafficking, and recommend some types of changes to address the problem of teen pregnancy and sex trafficking in your county or State.

Instructions: The short Essay should be about 1000 words in length using correct APA citation format. Students should refrain from committing plagiarism.

There is plagiarism when a student:

  • Copies someone else’s work and presents it as his/her own, either unintentionally or deliberately;
  • Copies the work of another student;
  • Copies from textbooks, the Web, and other work without correct citation;
  • Fails to acknowledge sources including his/her work, used for other purposes;
  • Does verbatim copying without using quotation marks or paraphrases (even deleting a few words or replacing them with synonyms still counts as verbatim plagiarism);
  • Fails to clearly indicate or appropriately acknowledge when he/she incorporated the ideas of another into his/her paper.

Plagiarism is a violation of the academic honesty policy. There will be a zero-tolerance policy in this course regarding any acts of plagiarism.  Act of plagiarism will result in the issuance of a FAILING GRADE.

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