Essential Oils And Bacteria

As part of your course curriculum, you have to write a literature review dealing with antibiotic resistance and the use of essential oils as an alternative antimicrobial agent. You will pick 2 types of bacteria and 2 types of essential oils for your paper. Examples of Literature Review Topics. You should ​NOT​ pick one of these. They are just to give you ideas: ● The use of Almond oil and Laurel oil to treat infections by ​Streptococcus pneumoniae ​and ​Escherichia coli​. ● How Teatree and mint oils help with dysbiosis of the skin. ●A comparative study of the effects of Teatree and eucalyptus oil on the growth of ​Escherichia coli​ and ​Bacillus subtilis​. LITERATURE REVIEW TOPIC

● Worth 2.5% of your final grade in the class. ● See schedule on Canvas for due date. ● Your topic should be typed.

o You must write 2-3 sentences explaining what your topic will be focusing on and your rationale for choosing this topic. Make sure to include both the common name (ex. Tea tree) and the scientific name (ex. ​​Melaleuca alternifolia​​) for the 2 oils of your choice. Bacteria are almost always referred to by their full scientific name, so make sure it is always italicized!

o You must include 5 abstracts from 5 peer reviewed or primary journal articles. o You do ​NOT​ have to write your own abstract. You are only meant to include the

abstracts from the sources that you find related to your topic. o Make sure that the screenshot of each abstract clearly displays the title of the article,

journal name, author names, and the abstract itself. ● Your topic must be approved by your TA before you can proceed with the other components

of the Literature Review (outline, paper).


Example of Screenshots: see next page

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