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ETH 316 week 3 DQ 1 Due Week 3 Day 4

Think of an organization with which you are familiar. How has that organization’s ethical policies changed as the result of external pressure? Provide two examples. Your answer should be between 100-150 words

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Healthcare reform has been a hot topic in the last few years. My company is a Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) that negotiates contracts with suppliers to reduce cost for goods for their participating members. Legislation has tried to limit the monetary funds returned to GPO’s for their contribution to reduced healthcare. With the increased scrutiny on organizations like ours, we have had to limit the relationships with suppliers. If with a supplier, we must pay or split the costs, but cannot have the supplier pay for events or dinners. We must also not speak to suppliers about client situations or their intent on using their products. These limitations reduce the ability to negotiate better prices that ultimately reduce healthcare costs. I work for a local city government & we are always having to be conscious of our actions & how the public perceives us & our fiscal responsibility to our citizens. In the past few years our

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