Ethical dilemma

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Read for reference: Use the Mini Guide to Critical Thinking as a reference (Paul & Elder, 2012)


· Select a problem, ethical dilemma, or situation you recently faced or one in the past that required you to problem solve after much reflection.


· Describe the situation and then explain why it was a difficult or challenging problem.


· How did you resolve your ethical dilemma, problem, or situation? Which tools of the mind from Paul & Elder, or from the articles you read or decision-making problems you used, would change given what you now know about critical thinking?


· Write a short response of 300-350 words only and include bulleted points describing the tools you used to resolve your issue or problem.






The problem written as story please reflect it in a proper way as required to the answer the upper questions:

In 2013 after preparing all of the required documents. I applied for the United States of America student visa. During the interview the officer asked me some challenged question required a long explanation however, the interview time is limited I think I did well but unfortunately, the officer did not accept my student visa that was the problem. The rejection reason was U.S Law 214b it is common to reject application with this law in brief it means you do not have a sufficient evidence that you will back to your country after your stay in the U.S. – I have been to the U.S. twice and I DIDN’T COMMIT ANY CRIME. But I rejected under this law section which it irrational.


The problem is I am having a dream since I was eighteen years old to study in the U.S. and get my B.S. Something inside me is calling me to do that I would call it gut feeling. When it comes to rational critical analysis I do see it is something good to do getting a B.S. degree from the U.S. will help me a lot including getting better job opportunity in the Information Technology industry as I consider U.S. is the higher-tech country.

That was a challenge I was thinking a lot how can I go and get my degree from there. Shall I give up my dream? Asking myself I am not allowed to go and study there. Where should I go? What should I do? Days after days I came up with the idea of sending a letter to the ambassador and I did the ambassador office responded to my mail and asked me to apply again and I will have a fair decision At the same time I have the idea of Online-Learning in mind. Resuming my studies online with CSU-Global I had my brother with a good experience with CSU so I contacted the admission and got all of my documents ready. So I was having two choices first, apply again to the U.S. visa then I might get the visa and travel to the U.S. second, resume my studies online with CSU-Global. I take my decision and choose the second choice. What do you think about it? If you were me which choice would you go for, first or second?

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