Ethical reasoning

  • One (1) “Original Post” addressing one of the three question choices. Minimum of 250 words. . Your Original Post must answer the question fully in all its parts and address possible objections to your ethical reasoning. You must also connect your Original Post  to the course by having at least one full sentence quote and citation from one of the Required Readings of the week or the Case Study. The quote should be word for word and contained inside quotation marks and then followed by an inline citation. Once you quote something or even reword something you did not originally write then you need to have it in a reference section at the end of the post (again in MLA format). Please refer to the following resources for help on MLA citation.


  • Please refer to the Discussion Guidelines and Grading Rubric for further guidance on how your discussions will be graded.
  • Do not cite or use internet sources other than those provided under the Readings and Learning Materials. In other words, use only the learning materials and links provided in this course.
  • Discussion questions labeled normative ethics will ask you to think about the practicality of the “rules” of the moral theory you are studying that week; questions labeled applied ethics will ask you to think about how to apply the moral theory in a contemporary dilemma; questions labeled meta-ethics will ask you to consider the meaning and significance of the principle ethical concepts. Choosing one kind of question one week, and another in another week will help you gain the ability to discuss ethics from a variety of perspectives.

DISCUSSION QUESTION CHOICE #1: Investigating Hinduism. 

What does Sanātana Dharma mean to you? Compare the Hindu concept of Sanātana Dharma to at least two ethical theories you have learned in this course. Be sure to fully explain the basics of each. What makes it work as a normative ethical theory? What are its pitfalls in light of other ethical systems you have studied.

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