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Ethics-Forum 6 camera initiatives

(1) How effective are police officer body camera initiatives impacting on policing leadership and officer accountability? Explain.

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Police body cameras have the ability to provide crucial information for the police and potentially for citizens, but they are not the cure for all the issues currently going on between police departments and communities throughout this country. As with everything, body cameras provide real time information pertaining to a particular incident. It is important to look at the current reason for the country wide push for all officers to wear body cameras. It all starts with Michael Brown being killed by a white police officer, which started the “hands up, don’t shoot” movement. Other incidents fueling body cameras were the Eric Grarner and several other incidents occurring in short period of time (Considering Police Body Cameras, 2015).These incidents creative a country wide initiative on police brutality, specifically white police officers killing black individuals. There are a number of positive aspects to officers wearing body cameras and also a number of negative aspects or perceptions of what body cameras will provide. Starting with the positive

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