[Solved ]ETHN Discussion Module 4: Narratives about Segregation

    April 1, 2023

Discuss what you learned from the four Internet Activities above.
Then answer the next 5 questions using the book and refer to the above resources when you can.
Why did de jure segregation happen? What was at stake? Who gained and who lost?
How was the Jim Crow system sustained across time? What was the role of prejudice and racism? How was violence used to enforce the system? What organizations were involved in the creation and persistence of segregation?
What does it mean to call this system “rigid competitive?” How did it differ from the paternalistic system of slavery?
How did the Black community react to segregation? What means of resistance and escape were available? Were they effective? Why or why not?
Why did de jure segregation end? What macro-level changes in subsistence technology made segregation untenable? Why?

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1) De jure segregation applies to explicitly racial segregation imposed or permitted by legislation, rules, or agreed public policy adopted by the government. Although they are formed by their legislatures,... View This Answer

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