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Eukaryotic Microbes, Parasitology

1. What is a model organism, and why is Saccharomyces cerevisiae so often used as one?

A model organism is a non-human species that has been thoroughly studied in order to

get a better understanding of specific biological processes, with the hope that

discoveries gained in the model organism can help scientists comprehend the workings

of other creatures. Saccharomyces cerevisiae is frequently utilized as a model organism

because it is not only simple and affordable to cultivate in the lab, but also because its

cells are uniform in size and expand solely in length, making cell growth easier to track.

2. Research and discuss the properties of mold that make them sometimes beneficial to

humans, and sometimes potentially harmful.

Molds can benefit humans in a variety of ways. Mold decomposes dead material and

returns them to the ecosystem, we eat some types of mold like mushrooms, and we

create medications like penicillin from mold. Molds can cause chronic coughing and

sneezing, eye discomfort, persistent headaches, and irritation of the throat and nose in

people. Mold can cause an allergic reaction in extreme cases, resulting in nausea,

vomiting, and pulmonary and nasal hemorrhage.

3. Parasitic helminths are a major cause of disease in undeveloped countries around the

world. Discuss the role that microbiologists can and have played in helping to reduce

the number of infections caused by parasitic helminths. After doing some

investigation, I discovered that the number of parasitic helminth illnesses had really

increased. Specific drugs are used to treat various infections, depending on the type of

infection. Treatments for other symptoms caused by the illness, such as fluids for

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Lab 5 Eukaryotic Microbes, Parasitology, & Viruses BIO250L”

diarrhea, will be prescribed by the doctor. Blood tests, feces samples, x-rays,

endoscopies, and colonoscopies are all used to make diagnoses.

“EXPERIMENT 1: Mold Growth on Bread and Fruit

Data Tables Table 1: Experiment 1 Growth Results

Post-Lab Questions 1. Which condition produced the most mold growth? The least? The fastest? The slowest?

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