Evaluation Rubric

Final Analytical Paper | spring 2022 | 65 points


This paper focuses on a critical/moral analysis of a Civil Cyber-Fraud Initiative (Government vs Aerojet RocketDyne Holdings, Inc.) case.



(Retrieved on 4/18/2022)



In a short analytical paper (according to the rubric provided below), provide your point(s) of view for or against a California federal court’s decision about the Government versus Aerojet RocketDyne case.


Evaluation Rubric

This analytical paper should be no more than 4 and less than 3 pages (front and back) in length (including the reference list) with a minimum of 3 references. These papers must be typed in (a)1 line spacing with 12 point Sanserif font, and (b) Technical Writing Headings – words such as steps, etc. (5 points) https://pressbooks.bccampus.ca/technicalwriting/chapter/headings/


Place the following, ALL IN ONE LINE, in the heading Last names and first names, course name, name of the project, and the date (An example, Johari, Abbas, IT 4343, Final Analytical Paper, 5/2/ 2022)


Introduction/Summary includes (5 points) – NOTE: Make sure to use HEADINGS here in your papers. A few sentences on telling the audience what a case is about briefly. One or two sentences indicate the piece has an analytical approach (4 steps by Ruggiero, 2014) that analyzes the situation in detail and provides solutions- and a most ethical action. A sentence or two will explain the rationale of the paper’s solution via answering three difficult questions (including the principle of double effect) and more.


Four steps in analyzing the case: (30 points)—NOTE: Make sure to use words

Step 1: Explain the case in detail (10- 15 sentences, and provide a link for MORE). Read Page 81of the Ruggiero book. (5 points)

Step 2: Explain the criteria: “Identify specific criteria that are relevant to the case” (a) “What are the consequences of the case?” (b) “Are there any obligations?” (c) What ideals are involved?” Read Page 82 of the Ruggiero book. (15 points)

Step 3: Write two paragraphs about “all possible choices of action that are-or, in the case of a past action, were – available”. (5 points)

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