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Examine two research articles that contain the same concepts

Examine two research articles that contain the same conceptsA. Did each author define the concepts differently or the same?B. Were the differences in the definitions important?C. Were the definitions in each study appropriate and sound?Module is open from Feb 25- March 7, 2014 at midnight. This module is graded based on 4 points:Your original post must be posted by March 2at midnight.(2) YOU MUST REPLY TO 5 OTHER STUDENTS POSTSON TIME (MARCH 7 AT MIDNIGHT)Please note I will upload the other students post as soon as they are posted for your response.Post must be being relative to the assignmentBe sure to use correct APA format when appropriateStudents are expected to use the assigned readings and multimedia to form their response to the discussion questions. Each seminar has an identified topic. Students are expected to post their initial discussion and engage in seminar discussions by offering comments at least 5 times for each seminar.

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