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Exercise of Difference, Context

An Exercise on Difference, Context, and Process.

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Historical awareness is defined as being conscious and mindful to avoid interpretative distortion to historical events. There are two modes of historical perception, one is social memory it refers to a shared pool of knowledge, memories, and knowledge of two or more people who interact with one another, these people must share similar characteristics and a sense of unity. Another is historicism it is the theory that emphasizes the importance of history, it includes a methodological study of history rather than stories and experiences based on the memory of the social group.

However, three significant principles are needed to consider when questing truth from the past, it provides historical awareness to avoid anachronisms. the three principles are; Difference, which defines as the gap that separates our age from the previous ages, then Context which is the principle tell us that we must situate our subject of inquiry in its setting lastly was the Process, it is the relationship between events over time which endows them with more significance then if they were viewed in isolation. Incorrect input of information when writing history can lead to controversies and arguments, however, these circumstances are inevitable because our learned historians are merely human beings who vary in some different ways but these can be lessened through applying the above mention principles. Below are the examples of controversies that prove the importance of Difference, Context, and Process.

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