Explain why this problem needs further study

    October 7, 2022

Review Chapter 9 in the textbook and review the PowerPoint presentation to prepare for this discussion.
This is your opportunity to learn about research done among different cultural populations. For this assignment, follow these guidelines:
Choose any vulnerable population upon which you wish to focus. Examples you may want to research include:
-Elderly with Alzheimer’s Disease
-Women with HIV/AIDS
-Teenage suicide
-Sex trafficking
-Diabetes among the homeless or Indians
-Military veterans
-Females in abusive relationships
-Males in abusive relationships
-Persons with mental illness
-LGBT population
Conduct a literature search of a subject that interests you, ensuring that the problem has been identified for that specific cultural population in the literature
Explain why this problem needs further study
Describe the importance of the study (which can be learned by checking research priorities in the literature)
Evaluate issues related fiscal, cultural, ethical, and medical factors as it relates to health care disparities
Use a minimum of three references for this three-page paper.
Next week you will be discussing your findings with your peers, attempting to convince your peers that the topic that you chose is the most important vulnerable population topic that you have found, so use this assignment to compile the information that you will need to make your case.
Use the paper grading rubric to guide your writing.

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